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swot analysis of siddha

SWOT analysis of Siddha medicine

Sathiya rajeswaran. P, Kannan.M, & Natarjan.S.

Strength of Siddha Medicine

  1. Treatment cost is affordable
  2. Treatment is Patient friendly
  3. Possess traditional wisdom
  4. Physicians are easily approachable
  5. Reduces panic of Surgery
  6. Empirical and Hear say evidenced
  7. Varmam can be applied with no time
  8. Emergencies are handled well
  9. Confidence level of pts increases Multifold

If treated satisfyingly

10. Treatment duration is lesser

Weakness of Siddha medicine

1. Claimed to be Non Scientific.

2. Lack of Proper training to peers.

3. High rate of Iatrogenic Complications due to non referral.

4. Tall claims lead to PVR’S.

5. Poor Hospital Infection Control

6. Unavailability of Pain Management Drugs

7. Ethical issues go unanswered.

8. Techniques are Transferred only to generations

9. Considered as a native Knowledge than Medical Profession.

10. Equated With a magic remedy and not Validated .


1. Establishment of Departments

2. Availability of Trainers

3. Charisma towards Herbal remedies .

4. Potential to develop as health tourism sector.

5. Paradigm shift of Health scenario.

6. Hear say evidence is mass communicated

7. Institutionalization and Established research.

8. Involvement of Policy makers and Govt.itself

9. CCIM Approval for revised and upgraded curriculum

10. Publications of Literatures by Peers.

Threats to Siddha medicine

1. Budding of Quackery

2. Poor Involvement of Academicians

3. No Insurance for of AYUSH Treatments

4. Non up gradation in Educational policy.

5. No legal protection for Qualified practitioners .

6. Not Permitted to maintain RTA/MLC Cases registry

7. Minimal hospital Standards are not Followed

8. Therapist Unavailability

9. Portrayed as Magical Remedy by Fellow members of Allopathy.

Commercially Non Viable for the

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