Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ICDS – Scope of Siddha in Enhancing the Scheme

Traditional medical knowledge  twined with culture and community health   are inherited or spread transplacentally. Usage of certain herbal combinations in safe delivery and compound drugs in lactation enhancement are the scientific Secrets which emerged from Grandmas Pandora box.  Adapting the same in life is the secret behind less statistics of Anemia in Tamilnadu when compared with other states. The knowledge may be transferred and translated by products to a successful completion of ICDS.
                        Immune Enhancement:
Seinei and Uraimathirai should be fed from day 1 up to 1 yr of child growth.
Dosage: 100 mcg of uraimathirai daily/ 0.5 ml ofSeinei.
Vit A Supplementation
This can be achieved through Karisalaikarpam tab and Murungailai chooranam.
 Dosage: 250 mg tab of Karisalaikarpam / 500 mg of Murungai ilai chooranam.
Ante natal care drugs
 Advocacy of Antenatal drugs as mentioned in the text.
 Usage of Pavana panchagulathylam – Internally.
 Application of Ulunthu thylam externally.
               Ayabringa raja karpam / Satavari lehyam – Iron & Folic acid supplementation.    
            For prevention of Vomiting
Mathulai Manappagu   - 10 ml Daily Two times a day
           Post natal care
               Sowbakya chuntee – 10 gms daily from the day 2 of delivery.
              Thaneer vittan kilangu nei /lehyam for promoting lactation.
              Thripala chooranam for douching in excess lochia discharge.
      Anaemia Eradication
              Advocacy of Ayabringarajakarpam - 200 mg –b.i.d for 90 days.
            Advocacy of Anna bedhi Chenduram – 200 mg –Cap for 30 days.
            Advocacy of Muthuchippi parpam -200 mg for calcium supplementation
           Advocacy of  Nellikai lehyam for Vit C – benefit and enhancement of Iron absorption.

Compatible nutrition package
        1.Pancha mutti Kanchi
       2.Pea nut / Ellu mittai
       3.Ulunthu kali / Ulunthu kanchi
       5.Pasumpal .

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